ALUFUS strives to bring innovative, sophisticated furniture to your home. We coax warmth and gentleness from aluminum using expert technology
that we gained from over 70 years of experience.


We take pride in our craftsmanship.


ALUFUS’ innovative technology and commitment to excellence stem from its parent company, YOUNGKWANG METAL. Established in 1944, YOUNGKWANG METAL gained recognition as the distinguished expert in metal surface treatment technologies producing high quality products for 70 years. ALUFUS utilizes these specialized techniques to induce sophisticated colors and textures from aluminum. Its furniture delivers the functionality of aluminum with elegance and charm.


Our expertise in aluminum surface treatment transforms cold, hard metal into products that exquisitely balance luxury with functionality.


ALUFUS perfects every seam and attends to every detail. The results are original patented furniture that adds elegance and allure to any space.

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